Goods' Rewards

We want to say thank you! Earn Goods’ Points!
Earn 100 Points
Get points just for signing up! You will get 100 points when you register for a customer account.
Earn 50 Points
Use the links in the the rewards app to like us or share our website on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter for 50 points a piece!
Earn 500 Points
Share Carriage Goods with a friend and you both get rewarded! They will get 10% off their purchase, and you will get 500 points!
$1 = 1 Point
Get points with every order! You will earn 1 Goods’ point for every dollar you spend on Carriage Goods products. That IS good!

Redeem Your Points For Rewards


Goods’ points are awarded to registered accounts. It just takes a minute and you'll get 500 points for doing it! You can redeem these points for discounts at checkout and are valid for one purchase.  

When you spread the love with a friend, they will need to register to be enrolled. Once they do that, they will get a 10% discount toward a purchase at which time you will be awarded your referral points!

Bonus! You will also get points on your birthday! So sign up today!